Most of our business comes from referrals. This is because of the excellent service we provide. Below, you can read actual comments submitted by our customers.


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Gary was recommended to my family years ago by a family friend and has since worked on four of my family's houses including my own. He managed to perform a small miracle on my heater/air conditioner years ago, which extended its life until recently when it finally died. I had Gary replace the entire unit. As a single female homeowner, I don't always trust what subcontractors tell me, fearing they're going to try to sell me something that I don't need. Gary is different. I don't easily recommend people, but I have absolutely no problem recommending Gary, as he stands by his word and does a fantiastic job!
- Kimberly Jimenez, Kimberly's Word Processing & Transcription Service

I'm far too busy managing several commercial buildings to spend time calling around for multiple quotes. Even though my boss wants me to, I tell him that I did that the first few years. Now I know . . . you're going to provide the best service at the best price. Thanks again for making my life easier.
- Jackie M.

Thank you so much for repairing my air conditioner. With temperatures over 100-degrees, I was miserable and I was afraid I would be without air conditioning for a few days, but you had me cool again the very next day! Thanks!
- Shannon M.

I can't believe I didn't call you sooner. I was amazed at how little the repair cost. I appreciate your honesty and integrity!
- James B.

As a GC, I don't even shop around for quotes on my A/C installs anymore. You're the only call I make. You have consistently shown me over the years that you can get the job done within my budget as well as my imeframe. I've seen you perform resourceful miracles (earning you the nickname McGiver), which makes ME look like the hero!
- Ed C.

I can't believe that I've gone 2 years without heat because I feared the replacement costs would be too high. When one of my neighbors told me to call you, they were right. You had me back up and working for FAR less than I ever thought. I'm going to tell everyone how great you are! Thanks!
- Sarah J.

All of my friends insisted that I use your service when my furnace needed replacement. I m glad I listened. You were prompt and I felt I was getting an honest deal. Thanks for the great service!
- Aaron R.

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